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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Data Visualisation Solutions

Approximately 85% of all databases have a geographic element.  Geocoding is the process of assigning latitude and longitude (x;y coordinates) to individual records of a database.  Through this process is geo-spatial analysis enabled.
A geo-coded database can be analysed within the electronic geo-spatial environment against other relevant sources of information based on its geography.

Geographic areas can be defined and profiled within a GIS (Geographic Information System) in terms of the area’s demographic breakdown ie age, race, gender, education levels, occupation, or lifestyle of consumers in order to provide marketers with insights into catchment areas.

Retail / Commercial Feasibility
When identifying potential new markets, the optimal location will deliver success.  Maximise profitability by understanding potential market size, disposable income levels, geodemographic profile of potential business location, and location of competitors.

Product Development
Analyze trends and purchasing activity within markets in order to provide predictive analytics within differing market profiles.

Distribution & Logistics
Optimise your distribution strategy within the geo-spatial environment.  Geographic information enables logistic optimisation, and DriveTimeZa provides the technology to maximise efficiencies of time and distance to maximise cost efficiencies.  The spatial environment also provides geographic parameters for routing in terms of distribution vehicles utilised, distribution loads, size and quantity of product, required delivery turn around etc.

Advertising & Marketing Geographics
With in excess of 15 years experience in Geographic Media Analytics, Spatial Insights is poised to enable you to answer the up-until-now unanswerable: “ Í know half of my advertising budget is working, i just don’t know which half”
Geographic marketing is critical to defining and reaching segmented target markets for geographically based products or services.

Media Analytics
Once you know where your consumers are, then you will know how best to communicate to them.  Media spend can be analysed against market potential, and effective reach of target market.  Accurate and realistic ROI levels can be at the planning stage or post-campaign.  

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